Samplings of My Work

Samplings of My Work


Monday, April 29, 2013

Not Much Going On



I haven’t been doing a lot lately in the way of crochet. This is basically the only thing I have accomplished since I last posted.  And it’s full of mistakes. 4 at least. 

I made this in excel. I have some modifying to do to the original chart. Starting from the bottom up it didn’t become obvious that I had made some mistakes until the top of Girl’s was done. If you have ever crocheted double stranded you’ll know that frogging isn’t easy. So I just kept on going.

Cotton yarn was used to make this. 4 balls of black (2 were partial balls, 1 full ball and part of a full ball). The ecru, pink and orange were from full balls and the purple and red were partial balls. It is 56 stitches, 85 rows plus the border. The ending size is 16 1/4 x 23 1/2 inches using an H hook. It obviously needs to be blocked. The bottom is a lot looser than the top is.

I wanted to do it in red, white & blue but decided to use the colors I had. It kind of stands out don’t you think? :o)

Today is a dreary day in SE GA. We are supposed to get some of the rain that TX and parts west and north of here have been getting.

Hope your week will be full and productive! Happy hooking!


Thursday, April 18, 2013




As in world and the yarny kind.  All of the horrific events that have happened recently have saddened me beyond words. I feel so bad for everyone affected by them.  It’s not easy to say, because I know it’s not easy for the loved ones of those lost and hurt badly but I pray that they’ll be able to find peace and comfort in the coming days and the strength to pick themselves back up and carry on with life.


peace done


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I have to say that I dislike the new blogger. It is sooooo hard to navigate and find what you're looking for to change your settings.

Mike from Our Little Meadow commented yesterday about my word verification. I was like, what?? I knew I had turned it off when I was blogging as Hookin' It With Mr. Lick Lick. I thought your settings stayed the same with each addition but apparently not. So after much searching this morning I finally found it and changed it back to not having word verification. I hate that feature. They make it hard to recognize a lot of the characters.

So also, just to let you know, I do have another blog but it's not set up yet because I just haven't had the time. I secured Winged Heart Creations before someone else could grab it.

I got my cards on Monday! They're just simple front and back cards, nothing fancy. I was happy with them.

I wish I had more time in a day. I've had quite a few woodburning ideas come to mind and have written them down but getting to doing them is hard.

After the viewing last night I went with the girls (it was way after my bedtime) to a place called Gaffney's to get some grub. Awesome food. I never eat dinner and I shouldn't have last night. Mostly because I went to bed with a full stomach and the owner gave us some complimentary fried olives stuffed with jalapeno's, with a side of homemade pimento cheese.  OMG were those things good. I never would have thought that they would be. 3:00 this morning they decided to let me know that I must never do that again.

I also decided that I need to try and get out more on the weekends. I saw so many people at the viewing that I didn't know, due to the fact that I've become a hermit in the last couple of years. I'm going to try, that's all I can do.

Happy hump day y'all.  We're on the downslide to Friday.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy, Sad & Funny

happy face
I made this necklace for Bella. I’m bummed because the colors don’t show true. The yellow is very bright and so is the green and orange/red. I used cotton yarn I had. Not sure what brands they are as they were scrap balls in my cotton tote. I need to make Kylie one. Hers will be purple but not sure what other colors I will incorporate. This was really easy to make.
sad face
They can wear them and turn it to which ever side they are feeling like. I hope I don’t get in trouble with their mom. :o)
And I would like to introduce you to the latest member of my immediate family. Meet Mister, formerly Missy. And the story goes that she (he) showed up at work and I thought she (he) was feral. I started feeding her (him). It didn’t take long for her (him) to warm up to me and before I knew it she (he) was outside my work door all day long, crying to get in. Or under my car. So before I got in trouble at work I caught her (him) and brought her (him) home. So at first she (he) was outside. Hector was not a happy camper that he  had been replaced. He made it horrible for her (him). So I made an appointment at SNAC (Spay Neuter Alliance Clinic) in Ridgeland, SC to get her (him) fixed before a pregnancy resulted. I was also afraid that she (he) was FIV positive (had feline leukemia). She (He) had a few of the symptoms. So I had her (him) tested first to see if she (he) was. If so then I told them to put her (him) down before the fixing went on. They said they would call if that was the case. I took off Thursday and Friday from work because I had to have her (him) there at 8 am and pick her (him) up at 8 am the next morning if she (he) wasn’t going to be put down.  Well, imagine my jaw dropping surprise when I went to pick her (him) up………..she was a he that had already been neutered!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I was so dumbfounded.  I have no clue how old he is but he does weigh 10 pounds. He is sweet as can be too. So his name was changed from Missy to Mister.  I felt so dumb. I had even made a cute little flower with a name tag to go on top of the cage I took him in. So now he is a spoiled rotten Mister (can you tell???), who loves me to death. This picture is sooo darn funny. He is sitting in the chair laying on the top of the tower sleeping. He was that way for over an hour. I’m thinking that Mister was probably dropped off at work. Or in the surrounding area and found his way to me. I’m such a sucker for animals. I couldn’t not feed him. And my work is right next to the interstate. So he is mine now.
Oh, and that dang Hector has sprayed my front and back door. It stinks to high heaven. I tried cleaning the front door with bleach but it’s still there.  I think maybe he has come back and resprayed because it’s really bad. Any suggestions?
I have more to tell you about the passing of a friend of mine but it’s still rather raw. The viewing is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. Someone my age. Have I told you lately how much I hate death? :O(
I hope your week is a good one with lots of sun on your face and a smile to match the brilliance of the sun.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Belated Hoppy Easter!



I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Was the Easter Bunny kind to you? Did he leave you all sorts of yummo treats?  He didn’t leave me any but that’s ok. I don’t need them. :o)



I took a bunch of pictures of Miss Bunny but I guess these would be the best 3.  I made her for a co-worker who is due with her 2nd child very shortly.  We had a shower here at the office last week and I wasn’t going to have Miss B done in time so I made her a 3 strand Never Ending Granny in ILTY soft pink, pistachio (pistache is what it says), and soft blue.  I used almost all of the skeins up for the one blankie.

charlies afghan    

 use this afghan flower

It was hard to get a really good up close picture of it. It’s really pretty though, and softy. I think Miss Charlotte will like it.

Other than these I have been working on hats. (What’s new??) I made another Wingmen hat and a couple of other hats for the doc’s order. I ordered cards last week too. My friend told me that the doc took one of the hats to a local kayak place and they wanted to know where they could get some and that they could probably sell a bunch. So I ordered the cards to look a little bit more professional. We shall see where it leads.  I had talked before about opening an etsy shop but that obviously didn’t happen. It’s still rolling around in my head. I’ve seen some people not do well with theirs so I want to see how the hats do locally before I go through the time and effort to list them there. I searched etsy for hats made like mine and only found one shop that the hats are close to mine with the exception that they are shorter in length than mine are. And he sells them for a little bit more than half of what I sell mine for. 

I may be changing the name of my blog again because I ordered cards in the name of Winged Heart Creations. The reason being is that I don’t want to be limited to crochet only. I dabble in wood burning (my first creative love) and making things from wood so I could list stuff like that as well.

Is it spring yet????  I hope so. Things are blooming. We just finished another round of cold. Hopefully that was the end of winter. Today is rain, as is most of this week here in SE GA I think, according to the weatherman, but that could change too.

May your week be filled with love, laughter and everything wonderful!


PS/You can find the pattern for Miss Bunny here.  The Never Ending Granny can be found on this page, scroll down to the bottom and find a link for the free ebook.