Samplings of My Work

Samplings of My Work


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Checking In


Hey y’all!  Popping in to say hi. Sorry I don’t visit much anymore. My days are full. I sure haven’t been sleeping like you-know-who above. :o)  He’s so dang spoiled rotten it isn’t funny. On a serious  note I think he was abused before he found me. There have been many times that I’ve reached to pet him and he flinches.  That can only be because of abuse.

A few weekends ago it was nice one Saturday so I left the door open just to see what he would do. Well, he came out on the porch very cautiously and checked everything out. Then he came off the porch, sniffing and checking stuff out. I was in the yard watering and all of a sudden I heard this noise and there he was, on the other side of the fence. He had climbed the corner post. No reason to fret. If it was meant to be he would stick around. So he checked out the woods for about an hour. I kept coming out to see if I could see him. I finally clucked to him (that’s how he comes to me) and here he came. Climbed back up the post, jumped down in the yard and came up on the porch and laid down. So I left the door open, came in the house and about 10 minutes later he comes strolling in. So I shut the door and that was that. Mister took a stroll. :o)  The only bad thing was that later on he went over to the door and turned around to look at me (like a dog would) as if to say ‘Well, are you going to let me out again?’.  Uhhhhh……no.   :o)

As to the crochet front, not a lot has been going on. I don’t know whether I am losing my interest or what but I just don’t have a fancy to do a lot of crocheting. I’ve done some little stuff, but not as much as normal.

lady bug headbands

These are some headbands for a baby, that I was asked to make. I like the smaller one best. These were done with Reynolds Kids Sunday Best yarn and a B hook. It’s hard to tell but that is a lady bug in the front. Not some of my best work. It’s squishy so the baby can hold it in it’s hand. And large enough that it can’t be swallowed.

skull coozy

This coozy is a tad too big. I made it with an H hook and cotton yarn. I should have used a G. The skull was made out of the Sunday Best with a B hook. (Reynolds Kids Sunday Best is a discontinued yarn that I really like)  I like it because it is a tad stretchy but not too much.  This will be donated for an event in 2 weeks to help a friend down on their luck. He lost his job and his girlfriend/significant other just went through congestive heart failure, pneumonia & last week came home from having a mastectomy. So we are having a benefit for them. They don’t know it yet. He’s not going to be a happy camper but he’s going to have to live with it. He’s helped out many causes in the past and now it’s time for us to step up to help him. (Glad he doesn’t read this) The next coozy will be donated for this event also. I have made a few of these in the past. I always have a hard time putting the boobs on them. I made the left one twice, pulled the first one apart, because it didn’t match the right boob. So I said the heck with it……

boobycoozy tatas tatas separate

I guess it’s not bad for not using a pattern, but still. I don’t like it when something I make doesn’t come out like I want it to.

On the home front I have been watching a nest of Carolina Wrens on my front porch. Mama made a nest in one of my plants. She laid her eggs one day at a time until there were 5 eggs. They hatched a couple weeks ago. I’m mad……the babies flew off yesterday. All this nurturing I did and that’s the thanks I get!  lol….actually I have a friend at the house doing some work for me and he was standing on the porch smoking when all these little birds were flitting on the porch and he didn’t know what was going on until after they had all taken off. He told me about it when I got home. I was soooooo darn bummed.  I guess at least now I can tear the nest out of my plant. :o(  I have ‘empty nest’ syndrome……..literally. lol

carolina wren babies

And lastly, I have to show you my booboo. It’s not bad now. This happened Sunday night. I slipped getting in the tub/shower. Did you know there ARE some disadvantages to living alone?  lol My phone was in the living room. I’d hate to think what would have happened had my leg snapped. Talk about hurt! It immediately raised up while I was in the shower crying. :o)  It’s not a laughing matter. It really did hurt. I hate this getting old stuff. My right leg and hip and lower back have been killing me ever since too. One of my friends on FB asked me did I think  it was time for Life Alert.  :o(  Perhaps it is. It’s just that I’m not that old.

knotted leg

My thoughts and prayers today are with the people in Oklahoma. What an awful, horrible tragedy. So many babies lost in that one school. So many people hurting and gone. I watched a video on FB earlier of a woman who was in the bathroom with her dog sitting on a stool. It happened so quick and when it was done she was on the floor and her dog was gone. As they were interviewing her someone said ‘A dog!’. She turned around and there was her baby, under debris and couldn’t get out until she helped it out. I cried. She said that God had answered one prayer for her, and now he had just answered the other. I wanted to reach through and give her the biggest hug. I just can’t imagine being in their shoes.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again…..tell those you love how much you love them. They can be gone in the blink of an eye.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Not Much Going On



I haven’t been doing a lot lately in the way of crochet. This is basically the only thing I have accomplished since I last posted.  And it’s full of mistakes. 4 at least. 

I made this in excel. I have some modifying to do to the original chart. Starting from the bottom up it didn’t become obvious that I had made some mistakes until the top of Girl’s was done. If you have ever crocheted double stranded you’ll know that frogging isn’t easy. So I just kept on going.

Cotton yarn was used to make this. 4 balls of black (2 were partial balls, 1 full ball and part of a full ball). The ecru, pink and orange were from full balls and the purple and red were partial balls. It is 56 stitches, 85 rows plus the border. The ending size is 16 1/4 x 23 1/2 inches using an H hook. It obviously needs to be blocked. The bottom is a lot looser than the top is.

I wanted to do it in red, white & blue but decided to use the colors I had. It kind of stands out don’t you think? :o)

Today is a dreary day in SE GA. We are supposed to get some of the rain that TX and parts west and north of here have been getting.

Hope your week will be full and productive! Happy hooking!


Thursday, April 18, 2013




As in world and the yarny kind.  All of the horrific events that have happened recently have saddened me beyond words. I feel so bad for everyone affected by them.  It’s not easy to say, because I know it’s not easy for the loved ones of those lost and hurt badly but I pray that they’ll be able to find peace and comfort in the coming days and the strength to pick themselves back up and carry on with life.


peace done


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I have to say that I dislike the new blogger. It is sooooo hard to navigate and find what you're looking for to change your settings.

Mike from Our Little Meadow commented yesterday about my word verification. I was like, what?? I knew I had turned it off when I was blogging as Hookin' It With Mr. Lick Lick. I thought your settings stayed the same with each addition but apparently not. So after much searching this morning I finally found it and changed it back to not having word verification. I hate that feature. They make it hard to recognize a lot of the characters.

So also, just to let you know, I do have another blog but it's not set up yet because I just haven't had the time. I secured Winged Heart Creations before someone else could grab it.

I got my cards on Monday! They're just simple front and back cards, nothing fancy. I was happy with them.

I wish I had more time in a day. I've had quite a few woodburning ideas come to mind and have written them down but getting to doing them is hard.

After the viewing last night I went with the girls (it was way after my bedtime) to a place called Gaffney's to get some grub. Awesome food. I never eat dinner and I shouldn't have last night. Mostly because I went to bed with a full stomach and the owner gave us some complimentary fried olives stuffed with jalapeno's, with a side of homemade pimento cheese.  OMG were those things good. I never would have thought that they would be. 3:00 this morning they decided to let me know that I must never do that again.

I also decided that I need to try and get out more on the weekends. I saw so many people at the viewing that I didn't know, due to the fact that I've become a hermit in the last couple of years. I'm going to try, that's all I can do.

Happy hump day y'all.  We're on the downslide to Friday.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy, Sad & Funny

happy face
I made this necklace for Bella. I’m bummed because the colors don’t show true. The yellow is very bright and so is the green and orange/red. I used cotton yarn I had. Not sure what brands they are as they were scrap balls in my cotton tote. I need to make Kylie one. Hers will be purple but not sure what other colors I will incorporate. This was really easy to make.
sad face
They can wear them and turn it to which ever side they are feeling like. I hope I don’t get in trouble with their mom. :o)
And I would like to introduce you to the latest member of my immediate family. Meet Mister, formerly Missy. And the story goes that she (he) showed up at work and I thought she (he) was feral. I started feeding her (him). It didn’t take long for her (him) to warm up to me and before I knew it she (he) was outside my work door all day long, crying to get in. Or under my car. So before I got in trouble at work I caught her (him) and brought her (him) home. So at first she (he) was outside. Hector was not a happy camper that he  had been replaced. He made it horrible for her (him). So I made an appointment at SNAC (Spay Neuter Alliance Clinic) in Ridgeland, SC to get her (him) fixed before a pregnancy resulted. I was also afraid that she (he) was FIV positive (had feline leukemia). She (He) had a few of the symptoms. So I had her (him) tested first to see if she (he) was. If so then I told them to put her (him) down before the fixing went on. They said they would call if that was the case. I took off Thursday and Friday from work because I had to have her (him) there at 8 am and pick her (him) up at 8 am the next morning if she (he) wasn’t going to be put down.  Well, imagine my jaw dropping surprise when I went to pick her (him) up………..she was a he that had already been neutered!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I was so dumbfounded.  I have no clue how old he is but he does weigh 10 pounds. He is sweet as can be too. So his name was changed from Missy to Mister.  I felt so dumb. I had even made a cute little flower with a name tag to go on top of the cage I took him in. So now he is a spoiled rotten Mister (can you tell???), who loves me to death. This picture is sooo darn funny. He is sitting in the chair laying on the top of the tower sleeping. He was that way for over an hour. I’m thinking that Mister was probably dropped off at work. Or in the surrounding area and found his way to me. I’m such a sucker for animals. I couldn’t not feed him. And my work is right next to the interstate. So he is mine now.
Oh, and that dang Hector has sprayed my front and back door. It stinks to high heaven. I tried cleaning the front door with bleach but it’s still there.  I think maybe he has come back and resprayed because it’s really bad. Any suggestions?
I have more to tell you about the passing of a friend of mine but it’s still rather raw. The viewing is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. Someone my age. Have I told you lately how much I hate death? :O(
I hope your week is a good one with lots of sun on your face and a smile to match the brilliance of the sun.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Belated Hoppy Easter!



I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Was the Easter Bunny kind to you? Did he leave you all sorts of yummo treats?  He didn’t leave me any but that’s ok. I don’t need them. :o)



I took a bunch of pictures of Miss Bunny but I guess these would be the best 3.  I made her for a co-worker who is due with her 2nd child very shortly.  We had a shower here at the office last week and I wasn’t going to have Miss B done in time so I made her a 3 strand Never Ending Granny in ILTY soft pink, pistachio (pistache is what it says), and soft blue.  I used almost all of the skeins up for the one blankie.

charlies afghan    

 use this afghan flower

It was hard to get a really good up close picture of it. It’s really pretty though, and softy. I think Miss Charlotte will like it.

Other than these I have been working on hats. (What’s new??) I made another Wingmen hat and a couple of other hats for the doc’s order. I ordered cards last week too. My friend told me that the doc took one of the hats to a local kayak place and they wanted to know where they could get some and that they could probably sell a bunch. So I ordered the cards to look a little bit more professional. We shall see where it leads.  I had talked before about opening an etsy shop but that obviously didn’t happen. It’s still rolling around in my head. I’ve seen some people not do well with theirs so I want to see how the hats do locally before I go through the time and effort to list them there. I searched etsy for hats made like mine and only found one shop that the hats are close to mine with the exception that they are shorter in length than mine are. And he sells them for a little bit more than half of what I sell mine for. 

I may be changing the name of my blog again because I ordered cards in the name of Winged Heart Creations. The reason being is that I don’t want to be limited to crochet only. I dabble in wood burning (my first creative love) and making things from wood so I could list stuff like that as well.

Is it spring yet????  I hope so. Things are blooming. We just finished another round of cold. Hopefully that was the end of winter. Today is rain, as is most of this week here in SE GA I think, according to the weatherman, but that could change too.

May your week be filled with love, laughter and everything wonderful!


PS/You can find the pattern for Miss Bunny here.  The Never Ending Granny can be found on this page, scroll down to the bottom and find a link for the free ebook.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Spring has not exactly sprung yet. I thought it was well on it’s way but we have a prediction of 30’s for two more nights this week.  What’s up with that? This is the south for Pete’s sake. (Who is Pete anyways??) (And I’ve already put my plants out!!!)  :o(  Although the pollen has been bad the last couple of weeks, hopefully with the rain that’s expected this coming weekend it will be the end of the tree pollen. But I’m betting not. I’m tired of my car being covered in that fine greenish/yellow dust.

I have been crocheting a little bit. I’m actually ahead of schedule on a couple of birthday projects and behind on a baby project. The below E is a birthday project for my son. It’s just a simple table mat. I charted it out in no time, then wrote out the line instructions and to crochet it was real quick and easy. And I discovered this morning that I must have accidentally thrown away the line instructions. :o( They weren’t with the chart this morning and I know I had them together yesterday. I used Peaches and Creme cotton yarn and an I hook. The finished dimensions with one round of sc all the way around on it are 13 inches across by 10.5 inches down. Guys are so hard to make anything yarny for besides afghans and such so I thought this would be something different.


Along the same line I made two smaller table mats, if you will. I happened across the chart in my internet travels. I also wrote out the line instructions on this as well because it was easier to write it down and follow than to look at the chart and try to remember how many stitches of each color to crochet in the next row, and what row I was on. Plus it’s too easy to get lost for me. With the written rows I can crochet them then mark them off on my paper and I know exactly where I am quickly.

The yellow and black was the first one I crocheted. It’s a birthday present for a friend of mine’s husband in FL.  I hooked it with an F hook. Of course it’s smaller than the E mat above. I don’t have the dimensions with me. I’m thinking roughly 9x7 but I could be wrong. I loved it so much that I immediately made a larger one in green and purple with a G hook. I included the chart with where I found it. If you look at the chart though, you’ll notice that it’s off on the left side. I just added 3 blocks to make it even and center. :o)  I will definitely be making more of these. And more than likely with a bigger hook to make the mat bigger. On each of these, the ball I used to make the skull was the ball that I used the less yarn on. That’s with carrying the yarn on each line under the green. So I was thinking that I might be able to reverse the colors and get two mats out of two balls of color. I haven’t tried it, but I’m wondering if that would work.

skulls n crossbones in two colors

skull n crossbones chart

Did you notice the chair that the skull mats are sitting on? I am going to cover it in crochet. It’s slow going. I only have one bar on the chair done,  you can see it in the pic. I have a piece almost done for the bar on the bottom side of the chair. It’s weird because it’s real easy to make too long the piece that you think is going to fit, so that it doesn’t fit. That’s why it’s going on the bottom side bar, because I started the row thinking it would fit the bar just below the one that’s finished and after 5 rows it was too long to fit there. I almost frogged it, but found that it fit the side bottom bar perfect. I can’t wait until the whole chair is done. This is a do-in-between kind of project that I can work on a little at a time when I get bored with the other works in progress that I have. It will be a ‘chair of many colors’. Random leftover yarns will be used to cover it. I’ve had this chair for many years, don’t even remember when or where I got it. I do know that when my daughter was in 1st or 2nd grade she wrote on it that she loved a boy named Michael. You can still barely see it on the back of the chair. The chair is all wooden.

I won something! From Crochet Today! It’s a stitch light. This little thing is handy dandy. It’s a powerful light that you can wear, turn on, and if you’re old like me and your eyes are getting bad, even with glasses on, you can see your stitches. Now I can use more black yarn and be able to see where my stitches are.  The strap on it is adjustable, and see that little pouch like thing on there?  It sits behind the light and has a zipper on it. They also sent me two yarn needles in this bag. You can put stitch markers or yarn needles or whatever your little ol’ heart desires, in it.  How awesome that I won this?! I’m not very lucky at winning things but I managed to luck out on this. :o) I like it. Do you know what else you can use it for? When the electric goes out. You can wear it and have full use of both hands. The light is very powerful. I was amazed at how powerful it is. Thank you Crochet Today!, I love it!

stitch light

I also have written down a pattern for a shower gel holder (Bath and Body Works shower gel) made with cotton yarn, except I haven’t tested it but part way into the second one I’m making.  I like this. It holds the gel and when you need to use it you just tip it over, squirt your gel and the bottle stays in the holder. It also gives you more room on your shower caddy. It’s simple. I just need to get my rear in gear and finish the second one so that I can be sure the pattern is right before I post it. The pattern fits the B&BW shower gel bottle but when you run out of that you can fill the bottle with other shower gel if you wanted to and re-use it. I just had too many on the shower caddy so I needed room.  I have 4 different brands of shower soap/gel in there. (I know, I’m weird…….I’m like that with my shampoo and conditioner too. I don’t use the same brand day after day. Just can’t. I have that one, two different Caress and a different smell of B&BW)

shower gel holder

I also have been working on some hats to donate for the BG’s. I would show them to you but I’m doing them exclusively for them for the runs for door prizes. They have skulls on them. :o) And of course I’m still fitting in hats for the doc’s Christmas order. I have the order half done. :o) I have a couple of other crochet ideas swirling around in my head. I hope they come to fruition. Sometimes what you think doesn’t always come out to the hands. At least not me. I can see something in my mind and try to recreate it through my hands and for some reason it just doesn’t work. But I’ve got plenty to keep me busy so I don’t worry about it too much. And then things like the shower gel holder just all of a sudden pop out. It all works out in the wash. :o)

Happy Spring! Where ever you may be I hope your flowers are starting to bloom and bring forth some color and joy to you!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Granny, Drunk Cake & Hats


Howdy! :o) Happy Friday y’all!  My most favorite day of the week is here and I thought I’d come visit for a short spell.

I have to tell you, our weather has been just the weirdest this year so far. The roller coaster is still happening. Between last Saturday and Wednesday I ended up with 7.5 inches of rain.  We needed it badly but good Lord did it come down in buckets. Saturday was the worst. 5 inches that day. Then Sunday was clear, sunny and a gorgeous 72 degrees. Then Monday was cloudy and Tuesday was another 2.5 inches of rain. Now we have cleared up again and darned if it isn’t chilly and going to be in the 20’s again on Sunday night/Monday morning. I wish it would make up our minds already!!

So….on to the good stuff. Drunk cake!! OMG. And believe me when I tell you that I ate the whole thing, by  myself. I’m single. I offered and had no takers so hey. One would have loved to partake but she didn’t want to venture out into the rainy night. (Didn’t blame her!) I made it Saturday afternoon. It was gone by Tuesday evening. At least I didn’t eat it all in one sitting! :o)

The particulars are: 1 box white cake mix, mixed according to directions with 1/4 cup of Baileys added in the mix. Bake according to directions. I think next time I will add a little bit more Baileys. Not much though. This cake was so moist, it was unbelievable and I think it had to do with adding the Baileys in. So now you’ve got it baked and you let it cool. I made a sheet cake in a glass pan. I had so much frosting that I decided to cut it in half and make a square double layer cake. I still have enough frosting in the fridge for another cake. Guess where I’m stopping on the way home from work today?  Mmmm hmmm….the store.  Anyways………the frosting. 

2 – 8 oz pkg.’s of cream cheese
3/4 stick of butter (I think my next recipe for this will cut the butter down to 1/2 a stick)
3/4 cup of Kahlua (uh huh, you read that right)
16 oz box of powdered sugar or 10x, whatever you call it

Let the cream cheese and butter soften. Put in a bowl and mix with mixer until creamed together. Add 1/4 cup of the Kahlua and mix well. Add some of the powdered sugar and mix well. Repeat with the Kahlua and powdered sugar until well mixed. Frost your cake.  :o) Easy peasy and omg………it is so darn good. Sinfully good. This is what happens when you have a rainy day at home and your mind works while crocheting. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

drunk cake

Crochet……..oh yeah. :o) I started a Never Ending Granny. The pattern is from Mikey at the Crochet Crowd. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and it’s the first listing in his albums on the left side of the page.  I was going full steam and as is par for me I put it down. It starts to get a bit unruly with all the strands of yarn…they tangle if you’re not careful. I am doing the 7 strand Never Ending Granny. That is to say it is 7 skeins of yarn and you work each one separately in rounds. You can also do 3 or 5 strand if the 7 intimidates you.  I chose 7 because I wanted it a good size when finished.  It is for my daughter’s birthday which is in October so I figure if I start it now I can finish it way before then. I started it with yellow and by the time I got to that color again I didn’t like it. So I pulled the yellow row out and substituted it with Tea Leaf…..the brighter green. I didn’t want to pull the whole thing apart so my plan is to put a flower on top of the yellow to cover it up.  I’m lazy that way. :o( But I think it will be ok. I really like these colors together. It’s much prettier in person.

never ending granny begin

About all I’ve done besides this granny since I last posted is hats. I got a good start on my 24 hat order for my Christmas order for the vet. A couple of the pics are a tad blurry….sorry.  I hate when that happens. You can’t see that they are blurry until you put them on the computer.

The next 5 consist of these yarns:
Red Heart Pale Yellow
Red Heart Pale Plum – lavender color
ILTY Light Peach
RH TLC Baby Calm Blue
RH TLC Baby Lime

two hats in chair    three hats in chair

pale plum and light peach   pale plum and pale yellow hat

These are all girly colors of course.  I made 4 hats out of a 7 oz skein of the RH Pale Plum and still have some left over. Not enough for another hat but how awesome is that?  The pale yellow and light peach are awesome together too. The peach kind of looks pink in person. These colors all remind me of Easter and spring.

The last hat I have to show you today is one I just finished up. It’s for a guy in one of the MC’s (motorcycle club) here in my area. The flying w is the club insignia. Some of you may have seen this on the back of a vest or two of motorcycle riders in your area. This club is nationwide with chapters all over. I have to tell you that this was a challenge for me. One, to make the w with the 3 flying parts off of the one side of the w, and two, to make it a size that it would fit on the hat and not to look too awkward, and three, to sew it on so that it would look halfway decent. It’s not totally straight but the best I could do. The wings coming off the side are what I don’t like about it. It’s not straight. I tried to go with the rounds. Sigh.

wingman hat

So that’s what I’ve been up to since I last visited with you. I’ve had another injection in my neck. The second one was a lot better than the first. I think the doc missed his mark on the first one. This one was no picnic by any means but the first one made me miserable for at least a week after. This coming Monday I go for one in my lumbar (bottom of the back) and then two weeks I get another lumbar injection. I’m hoping they will help me. As it is now I can’t sleep. It feels like two rods poking me in the back and I toss and turn all night long because I can’t get comfortable. I do the best I can under the circumstances. :o)

I hope this post finds you happy and well. May the sun warm your face and add a little sparkle in your eye. :o)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two Posts Within Hours of Each Other!?!



Yeah, so I was sitting here and I was thinking to myself……….I know there were more pictures I wanted to put in my post. I’m sitting here shaking my head because I think I’m losing it. I used to have a pretty sharp mind. I used to remember a lot more than I do right now. I hate growing old and losing parts of myself. Literally. Ok…… let me get on with it and quit whining.

pin coming out of quilt

See that shiny pointy thing there in the midst of the lovely red?  The bottom lovely red is my wonderful thick flannel sheet. The top red print with the shiny thing is my quilt that my sister made me. I’ve had this quilt for a long time but never used it because of the dogs. So after I put Leo down I decided to bring it out and start using it. Leo went to Rainbow Bridge in the beginning of October. (seems like yesterday and sometimes seems like a lifetime ago) I have been sleeping with this since then. A couple of weeks ago one night I went to bed, got all comfy cozy and all of a sudden I felt this sharp pain. So I moved and it got worse! I got up, turned on the light, searched my bed and nothing. I REALLY thought I was losing my mind. So I turned the light off, laid down, covered up, got comfy cozy and got pricked really good. I freaked out, thinking it was a damn scorpion!  They aren’t prevalent here but I saw one in FL once and hey, anything is possible right? He could have been trying to come in out of the cold and found him a nice warmy place to sleep!!!  I found this long pin sticking out of my quilt. The only way it could have gotten there was when my sister made it. And I can’t tell you what year that was…….in the last 10 or so anyways. I pondered on how to get it out because I could feel a round head on it. There was no way I was going to bust a seam open and try to work it up to the seam. And actually I figured it was between the batting and this side of the fabric. Anyways, I went and got my box cutter and cut real slow and careful to make a little incision and voila. Out pops this 2” needle with a yellow round head on it!!! I immediately sent my sister and email with a picture of the pin. She said she had done that before, forgotten a stray pin in a quilt. I’m just glad it didn’t wake me up out of a sound sleep. I really would have freaked out, and then been mad.  :o)

pin on my knee

hats with crosses

This picture is what made me remember that I had more pics to show you. I made these for a couple that have been trying to get me to come to their church.  The dark one is black and charcoal and the other is blue and light lavender. It’s hard to see the correct colors. The red sure does pop out doesn’t it?

laid out squares     praying baby

These should have gone with the previous post. The first is when I laid them on my bed looking for the configuration I wanted with the squares. And the praying girl up close. See what I mean about her scowly face?

And I had some sky pics but I think I’ll forego them today. It’s lunch and I’m starving!  Home made chili. MMMMMMMMMM. Wish I could offer you some. Maybe some day that will be a workable thing… hand stuff through the monitor. Not now. :o)

TaTa Again!

Unlucky Luck and Crochet


my unlucky pb ticket

As you can see by the ticket above, this is how my life rolls. lol. If it wasn’t for this kind of luck I wouldn’t have any at all. Wait…………that wasn’t right. :o) Anyways, lately this is how it’s been for me. But I’m not complaining too loudly because I’m still on the right side of the dirt. Right? Right.

I’ve been mia, I know.  That dang life again. It tends to get in the way of a lot of stuff. Life is different for different people. And so the story goes.  Mine has been one of basically work, home and doctors lately. I’m in the midst of a series of injections. I had one in my neck last Monday (not yesterday, I took yesterday off because I had the day off from work and didn’t want to drive into the city just for an injection). Next Monday is one in my lumbar, then the next Monday is a cervical shot again, then the following Monday is another lumbar injection. The first cervical injection worked for the first day great. I’ve had pain and bad headaches ever since. Yesterday I didn’t even bother to get out of my jammies. I stayed in my chair most of the day. It was a cold windy day here in SE GA (24 on my front porch – Hector’s water was frozen!) and I did manage to get a couple of crochet things done.

top of african flower mandala        back of blue pink mandala

This was a present of sorts for a friend of mine’s mom who is here from NY state to see her first great grand child and see her son before he goes back to Saudi Arabia for another 56 day rotation.  The first pic is blurry. I didn’t notice until I downloaded it (don’t look at it close).  I used some #8 cotton from Hobby Lobby. Love those vibrant colors! 

chris hanger

chris hanger with pot

top of chris hanger

I made this pot hanger with some nylon yarn/rope/thread that I ordered a year or so ago and never used it because I was disappointed in it when it arrived. I remember it wasn’t cheap either. I didn’t like it because it has this sticky coating on it. It was really hard to crochet with it as well because of the stickiness. But I stuck it out because I told my co-worker I would make her a pot hanger. I was really, really glad to be done with it. I actually had to make myself finish it, that’s how much I disliked making it. BUT this pot hanger will last a very long time. All she has to do to clean it is stick it in some soapy water and shake it to get most of the water off of it. She’s going to use it inside but it would be a wonderful outside plant hanger.

gails lapghan

Dang it, it happened again. The pic is sideways!  I guess you’ll have to look at the two below of it in progress to get a better visual of it.  I made this lapghan for my sister for her birthday. I was piddling around looking for something in my totes, rearranging colors and skeins I think, and I came across these squares that I had made probably 3 or 4 years ago. They were for an afghan and I got tired of making squares. Actually the purples were in one tote and the variegated were in another tote. So I played around with arranging them and came up with this scheme. The darker purples were Vanna’s Choice, and the color is Eggplant. I plundered through my totes and found a full new skein of it!! My lucky day!!! NOT. I used it put them together to make the 4 columns then went around the outside of them to connect the four columns together and then was going to go across the rows to finish. Guess what? I lacked 7 squares of finishing the connecting outside round!!!  Sigh. Yep, that luck thing again. lol.  So I thought I’d go to Hobby Lobby weekend before last to get another skein. Nope…….Hobby Lobby didn’t have the color and I was freaked out because they didn’t have hardly any ILTY at all!!! So I thought, well I’ll go to Wally World just down the street. Nope!  Then I thought well crud….I’ll go to the Wally World close to the house. NOPE!!! So ya know what I did???  It’s really strange that RH Love’s Grape Jam is just a couple hairs of a shade different from Eggplant. And I had two and a partial skein of that. I used it to finish up the 7 square connection on the outside, went another round on the outside, and used it to slip stitch the rows together.  No one but me and you know the difference. :o)

lapghan 1      lapghan 2   upclose lapghan 2

Below are two hats and a little praying doll that I made for a friend of mine whose birthday is Thursday. She loved a little babie’s hat that I had made and had in my box when I went home at Christmas time. She said she wanted one but didn’t say what colors she wanted. So I made two in her favorite colors. See the pink one? I used three strands of Deramore DK yarn. This yarn is more like sport, it’s so thin. I used a bright pink, mauve and light peach color.  Does that top triangular piece look familiar? lol. That is a square from a CAL that I didn’t finish (sorry girls). I just lose interest really quick in stuff like that. I had made three of them and never made any more. So I used one on this owl hat. He’s kind of funky looking but oh well. She’ll like them both. I know she’s probably only expecting one but now she has two. And the little praying girl was a pattern that I found on a blog a while back. Sorry I don’t have the pattern with me or remember what blog it was that I found it on. I really can’t remember what the pattern was called. (I know, I’m bad… sorry.) I thought it was cute but it didn’t want to sit up like the one in the pattern so I pulled the middle of the bottom up through with yarn and tied it off so that it had an indent and it would then sit up.

paulettes hats and praying baby     pray babies face owl hat and baby face

I have started a baby, but set it down because these all had to be finished up. I’m kind of apprehensive with the baby…..I am not good with the faces. I was kind of disgusted with myself on the little one above because the face looked scowly.

chap stick holder

Last for today is my chap stick holder I made Saturday. I had done another one in regular RH yarn and I hated it but it worked. So I was messing around and made one in #10 thread. This one sux too. lol. I like it except that I should have only done chains and not put the sc on the part that goes around the heart button to close it up. I’ve found it undone a couple of times. I’m going to make another one, hopefully the third time is the charm. :o)   See that cat? That little thing is a weapon. The kitty’s ears can seriously hurt someone if they try to do anything they shouldn’t. This was a Christmas present from a friend of mine. I love it. You put your two fingers in the eyes and it’s a defensive weapon. Let some Wally World parking lot lurker come at me!!! (It’s not just Wally World, it’s all over these days…….I just picked Wally World as that’s mostly what I’ve seen on the news or internet.) Believe me, when I walk out a store or am somewhere out and about, that little kitty is nestled on my fingers, just waiting for some unsuspecting thief or criminal to pounce on me. Bring it on Mr. Criminal….I’m ready for ya!!!   (I’m not paranoid, just ready is all) It’s seriously getting worse out there.

So my friends, that’s it for me for now. I have to catch up with y’all again. I’ll let you know I’ve stopped by. Hope your world is right and good…….I wish nothing but the best for you all. You all deserve it!