Samplings of My Work

Samplings of My Work


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Unlucky Luck and Crochet


my unlucky pb ticket

As you can see by the ticket above, this is how my life rolls. lol. If it wasn’t for this kind of luck I wouldn’t have any at all. Wait…………that wasn’t right. :o) Anyways, lately this is how it’s been for me. But I’m not complaining too loudly because I’m still on the right side of the dirt. Right? Right.

I’ve been mia, I know.  That dang life again. It tends to get in the way of a lot of stuff. Life is different for different people. And so the story goes.  Mine has been one of basically work, home and doctors lately. I’m in the midst of a series of injections. I had one in my neck last Monday (not yesterday, I took yesterday off because I had the day off from work and didn’t want to drive into the city just for an injection). Next Monday is one in my lumbar, then the next Monday is a cervical shot again, then the following Monday is another lumbar injection. The first cervical injection worked for the first day great. I’ve had pain and bad headaches ever since. Yesterday I didn’t even bother to get out of my jammies. I stayed in my chair most of the day. It was a cold windy day here in SE GA (24 on my front porch – Hector’s water was frozen!) and I did manage to get a couple of crochet things done.

top of african flower mandala        back of blue pink mandala

This was a present of sorts for a friend of mine’s mom who is here from NY state to see her first great grand child and see her son before he goes back to Saudi Arabia for another 56 day rotation.  The first pic is blurry. I didn’t notice until I downloaded it (don’t look at it close).  I used some #8 cotton from Hobby Lobby. Love those vibrant colors! 

chris hanger

chris hanger with pot

top of chris hanger

I made this pot hanger with some nylon yarn/rope/thread that I ordered a year or so ago and never used it because I was disappointed in it when it arrived. I remember it wasn’t cheap either. I didn’t like it because it has this sticky coating on it. It was really hard to crochet with it as well because of the stickiness. But I stuck it out because I told my co-worker I would make her a pot hanger. I was really, really glad to be done with it. I actually had to make myself finish it, that’s how much I disliked making it. BUT this pot hanger will last a very long time. All she has to do to clean it is stick it in some soapy water and shake it to get most of the water off of it. She’s going to use it inside but it would be a wonderful outside plant hanger.

gails lapghan

Dang it, it happened again. The pic is sideways!  I guess you’ll have to look at the two below of it in progress to get a better visual of it.  I made this lapghan for my sister for her birthday. I was piddling around looking for something in my totes, rearranging colors and skeins I think, and I came across these squares that I had made probably 3 or 4 years ago. They were for an afghan and I got tired of making squares. Actually the purples were in one tote and the variegated were in another tote. So I played around with arranging them and came up with this scheme. The darker purples were Vanna’s Choice, and the color is Eggplant. I plundered through my totes and found a full new skein of it!! My lucky day!!! NOT. I used it put them together to make the 4 columns then went around the outside of them to connect the four columns together and then was going to go across the rows to finish. Guess what? I lacked 7 squares of finishing the connecting outside round!!!  Sigh. Yep, that luck thing again. lol.  So I thought I’d go to Hobby Lobby weekend before last to get another skein. Nope…….Hobby Lobby didn’t have the color and I was freaked out because they didn’t have hardly any ILTY at all!!! So I thought, well I’ll go to Wally World just down the street. Nope!  Then I thought well crud….I’ll go to the Wally World close to the house. NOPE!!! So ya know what I did???  It’s really strange that RH Love’s Grape Jam is just a couple hairs of a shade different from Eggplant. And I had two and a partial skein of that. I used it to finish up the 7 square connection on the outside, went another round on the outside, and used it to slip stitch the rows together.  No one but me and you know the difference. :o)

lapghan 1      lapghan 2   upclose lapghan 2

Below are two hats and a little praying doll that I made for a friend of mine whose birthday is Thursday. She loved a little babie’s hat that I had made and had in my box when I went home at Christmas time. She said she wanted one but didn’t say what colors she wanted. So I made two in her favorite colors. See the pink one? I used three strands of Deramore DK yarn. This yarn is more like sport, it’s so thin. I used a bright pink, mauve and light peach color.  Does that top triangular piece look familiar? lol. That is a square from a CAL that I didn’t finish (sorry girls). I just lose interest really quick in stuff like that. I had made three of them and never made any more. So I used one on this owl hat. He’s kind of funky looking but oh well. She’ll like them both. I know she’s probably only expecting one but now she has two. And the little praying girl was a pattern that I found on a blog a while back. Sorry I don’t have the pattern with me or remember what blog it was that I found it on. I really can’t remember what the pattern was called. (I know, I’m bad… sorry.) I thought it was cute but it didn’t want to sit up like the one in the pattern so I pulled the middle of the bottom up through with yarn and tied it off so that it had an indent and it would then sit up.

paulettes hats and praying baby     pray babies face owl hat and baby face

I have started a baby, but set it down because these all had to be finished up. I’m kind of apprehensive with the baby…..I am not good with the faces. I was kind of disgusted with myself on the little one above because the face looked scowly.

chap stick holder

Last for today is my chap stick holder I made Saturday. I had done another one in regular RH yarn and I hated it but it worked. So I was messing around and made one in #10 thread. This one sux too. lol. I like it except that I should have only done chains and not put the sc on the part that goes around the heart button to close it up. I’ve found it undone a couple of times. I’m going to make another one, hopefully the third time is the charm. :o)   See that cat? That little thing is a weapon. The kitty’s ears can seriously hurt someone if they try to do anything they shouldn’t. This was a Christmas present from a friend of mine. I love it. You put your two fingers in the eyes and it’s a defensive weapon. Let some Wally World parking lot lurker come at me!!! (It’s not just Wally World, it’s all over these days…….I just picked Wally World as that’s mostly what I’ve seen on the news or internet.) Believe me, when I walk out a store or am somewhere out and about, that little kitty is nestled on my fingers, just waiting for some unsuspecting thief or criminal to pounce on me. Bring it on Mr. Criminal….I’m ready for ya!!!   (I’m not paranoid, just ready is all) It’s seriously getting worse out there.

So my friends, that’s it for me for now. I have to catch up with y’all again. I’ll let you know I’ve stopped by. Hope your world is right and good…….I wish nothing but the best for you all. You all deserve it!



Anonymous said...

What great finished items!

Debi Y. said...

I played the PowerBall for a little while - quit because I got tired of losing. I'm lovin' all your crochet projects - you've sure been busy. I hope everything works out well at the doctor and that you feel better soon. :)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Love your've been very busy.

Love the cat idea for poking out the eyes of the bad guys that come at you. You can also use your keys, put them between your fingers outing outwards and walk in the store that way, trust me, they look scary and no one will touch you...also, get some pepper spray, I keep it on my key chain and when I come out of the mall, I always keep my finger on the button...the pepper spray will disable them long enough for you to run and get away...and of course the keys will poke their eyes out.....these days you have to look out for yourself because there are bad people every where we go anymore. Sad but true.

Hope you get to feeling better....sending a big ole' hug your way dear friend. :)

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

Thank you Miss Bev! I saw your pics of when you went southwest. You look great!!! I know you have to feel a lot better too. Im so happy for you!

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

Thanks Debi! Yeah, I used to play a lot more than I do now. Specially after my dad passed away, my sister and I split his two cards of numbers and played them until Powerball went up to $2 each and we both quit playing. I play some but not near like I did. Wish I had all that money back! :o) Just had another injection in my neck yesterday morning. I have a bad headache but not near like the last injection. I just saw your post on your MIL"s granny blanky. I like the ends like that.

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

Thanks Vikki! :o)