Samplings of My Work

Samplings of My Work


Thursday, May 8, 2014


I hope this finds you well. Me? Well I have been sick bad with a bad stomach virus going around. I haven't been that sick in I can't remember when. It was coming out multiple orifices (that's saying it nicely). At the same time even. :( It was gross. Sick I was.

Then yesterday I had 4 crowns done at one sitting. Talk about hurt. My mouth is very sore this morning. But I has new teefs! lol. I go in two weeks for the permanents. That makes the total number of crowns in a one month period 6. I had 2 done 3 weeks ago and got the permanents for those yesterday before starting on the other 4. Not cheap, and not fun.

Anyways, enough about me and on to the tada!  I was commissioned by one of my friends' husband to make this for his wife for Mother's Day. Glad I finished it in time. It is huge!  When I saw the pattern on FB and then shared it and then he saw it and wanted me to make it, I did not think it was as big as it is in real life. But it is what it is. Of course I had to add my own touches and put a liner in it, and then the handles are not as the pattern calls for. But all in all I like how it turned out. I just hope she does too. You can find the pattern for this at this location. You might see something else in this shop that you like. :o)

A couple of my owls turned out straight up, like they should. The rest did not and I could not figure out what I did wrong because I followed it each time for each one, specially after I saw the first crooked one done. I dunno. But I'd actually like to try to make one on a much smaller scale in the future. We'll see. :o)

It's actually big enough to carry a laptop computer in it. I told you, it's huge!

Ok, here we go again with the sideways pics. I just don't understand why this is happening. Can anyone explain it to me and tell me what I need to do to fix this? :o(

So I'm guessing the next set of pics will be the same way. I'm sorry............this sux.

Today my next project should be showing up at the recipient's door. He is a birthday present for a special guy in my life, my girlfriend's husband. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I just go with it. I guess those are the best projects as far as I'm concerned.

This project has no pattern whatsoever, just what came out of my head through my hands.  Meet Edward Big Hands!

This is crazy! I hate it. Hope you don't get a crick in your neck. :(

Lastly, I have been commissioned also by an acquaintance to crochet some rocks. She bought the rocks, #3 thread and also 2 Bates hooks (which I didn't use because I prefer Boye hooks). I have finished 2 of 4.

So that's pretty much all I have been up to lately. Besides work that is. I have been on pins and needles because it's pretty much a for sure thing that my office will be closing by June of next year. Where that leaves me I don't know. I don't know if I will be losing my job or have to relocate. They are supposed to let us know our fate around the end of summer, beginning of fall. Being the person I am I have already figured out Plans A, B, C & D. So I'm trying to prepare for which ever one it will be. Life is never dull.

May the ray of sunshine shining down on you fill you with the knowledge and peace you will need to navigate today.


Edited to add: I think I've figured out why the pics are doing the sideways thing. I googled it and what I found was that there is a setting on my phone for auto rotate. Blogger does not recognize the code for this. So I turned it off and hopefully that fixes it! I wish I still had the tote and Edward Big Hands so I could retake those pics but oh well. Yeehaw!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Teaser


:o) I’ve been working on it for a while now. I work on it a bit, then I put it down. Can’t wait til it’s done but the tediousness of it gets to me. 



Til next time (when I hope to have it done).



Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

My Nubbie is at the vet today having her lady parts taken out. I'll miss her tonight but I get her in the morning. At least I won't be able to forget when it was done huh? :o)

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hello! Happy Hump Day!

So I told you last that I had six new babies that put smiles on my face. Well, you already know about one, Mister. I still have him and he is not happy with me today. I usually let him outside for the day while I am at work but today it is raining and cold, so I made him stay in. He'll get over it. :o)

A friend of mine has a lot of cats and back in July she told me about some babies that one of her outside cats had and three of the babies had no tails. One of the babies was an orange tabby female. That perked up my ears. Orange tabbies are normally males but there have been the exceptions of being female. She said her neighbor might want her. So I said aww, if your neighbor wasn't taking her I might. WELL...........the neighbor backed out. So at 8 weeks guess who found a new mama?? I fell in love with her. I ended up naming her Nubbin, Nubbie for short. She has quite the personality. If you've ever known a manx kitty (which I think she may be a Kurilian Bobtail) then you know how they are. She is quite unlike a cat in that she carries things around in her mouth like a dog. No lie. She is a paper thief also. If she hears the crumple of paper she comes running with a look in her eyes that you just know she wants it sooo bad. She will play with a piece of crumpled up paper for hours. Here's a baby pic of her that is pretty blurry but it was hard getting a pic of her staying still. And a current pic of her in my dryer. I cannot leave my dryer door open. She jumps in every time.

Nubbie is getting fixed on Valentines Day. She came into heat and OMG. It sux!!! The vet wanted me to wait with her til she was 6 months old. I got the babies outside fixed before that because I could not take a chance on the girls getting pregnated. Nubbie has not been outside since I brought her home. She is going to be a small kitty. The outside cats are already bigger than she is and they were born around September 7th. She was born around the 4th of July. 

Next up is babies not of my doing but of my irresponsible neighbors. They had a crap load of cats hanging out. One was a female that they neglected to get fixed. She got pregnant and came over to my house and had 5 babies underneath the ramp of my shed. What could I do? She obviously came over to me because she knew I would take care of those kittens. The runt of the litter (cats have litters??) had little flippers for front feet. I named her Flipper. I knew that was a big hurdle but I was ready to handle it. I loved that little baby. She propelled herself where she wanted to go. It wasn't until she started eating regular food that I knew there was a bigger problem. She couldn't swallow or digest regular food. I watched her in anguish over the course of a couple of weeks try to eat and she would choke, gag, throw up and heave. It was with a very heavy heart that I took her to have her put down. I cried. :( I had come to love her very much. There were a couple of times that she was down off the porch (probably fell down) and one day I came home and saw them all but her. I started asking the others, 'where's Flipper?' Next thing I know she is screaming to me because she heard me. She was all the way at the back of the house. As soon as she saw me she started propelling herself toward me, screaming the whole way until I got to her and picked her up. Any time she saw me she would start meowing at me. She has a special place in my heart and I grieved so bad after having her put down. Why is nature so cruel sometimes?

Beautiful little Flipper. Look at those blue eyes.

Mama and all 5 babies. Flipper is the gray one in the very front.

Thomas & Squeak
So that left 4 babies. 2 girls, 2 boys. 3 of them are black and white and the other, Thomas, looks like he is Himalayan. He has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen in person on a kitty. Joker is the other male and the girls are Minnie (because she has a mouse on her back) and Squeak, which I call Queekie Deak. lol. I know, I'm weird. Squeak has little to no voice at all. When she was little she squeaked when she tried to talk, thus the name. I haven't heard her in a long time even try to talk. She is a tad skittish too. She will only let me pet her when she is eating or close by a sibling and doesn't see my hand coming. Thomas is the same in this regard as well. These two hang out together a lot.

Minnie. See the mouse? :o)
Minnie is the same as Squeak when it comes to the voice. Sometimes she squeaks and most of the time she is silent when meowing. It's funny to see her do that, her lips are moving but no sound. And Minnie has a kinked tail. At the base of the tail it goes to the side and then zigzag's back. She is very friendly and loves licking and gently biting my hands. Don't know what's up with that but it's funny to watch her do it. I originally named her Ling when she was born because of her face markings she looked Chinese. But when I saw the mouse on her back I renamed her because Ling just didn't fit anymore.

Thomas and Minnie
Joker is quite the character also. He is the loudest of the bunch and makes up for Squeak and Minnie not talking. He also is a love muffin and loves to be held and petted. I named him Joker because he looks like a Joker in the face. Minnie and Joker hang out a lot together.

Mama hung around for a while and then all of a sudden was gone and I have not seen her since. I got Mama and the 4 babies all fixed through Save-A-Life for $155. I think it was only a couple weeks or so after that that Mama disappeared. I had mama and the 3 black and whites ears' tipped. I did not get Thomas' ear tipped because originally he was moving to NY with my niece but that didn't work out. Tis ok. I love him and want to keep him. He's a gorgeous cat. I need to get updated pics of them. Thomas has filled out beautifully and doesn't have the adolescent look that he does in the pic above.

I have had to confront my neighbors because they now have 3 dogs, 2 of which are puppies. They've come over twice to my gate barking at me and the babies. The first confrontation was with the boyfriend/husband. He was nice and very apologetic. The second time was with the woman and she was a biotch and I told her at that time that I didn't appreciate her dogs on my property barking at me and that they needed to be contained per county law. I also informed her that I had 4 kitties because of her irresponsibility and that I had to have one put down and where was the mama kitty because I hadn't seen her in a long time. She said she had no idea that maybe coyotes got her because they are bad around here. Give me a frigging break. REALLY??? I don't think so. I think either she gave her away or something happened to her. Mama came over every day from their house and then back after she ate at my house. For a while the babies went over there with her and I was heartbroken. This was after I had them all fixed. But one day they came back and she was there a few more days then gone totally. Now the babies live on my front porch. And one day last week I had to get out of my car coming down the drive because a large limb had fallen and guess what? I stepped in dog poop. Was I ever po'd!!! So I got to the house, took my stuff in and came back out and she was in the back with the dogs and I yelled at her that they pooped in my driveway and she said there's other dogs that come around here. Funny, I haven't seen any. SO I told her that next time I was calling her landlord. Next after that will be animal control. It's funny (not haha) that where I stepped in poop happens to be in the part of my driveway right behind their pole barn. I'm not stupid. And they've had 3 chances. I'm done. I have 4 babies because of their irresponsibility and I'm not putting up with any more of it. Do you think I'm wrong? I think I've been pretty tolerant so far. No more.

On my crochet front....a couple things I've done and what I'm working on now. The afghan is the Never Ending Granny from The Crochet Crowd. I did the 7 strand. Those who know me know this was hard for me. I worked on it for almost a year. But it's done and my daughter loved it. It was her Christmas present. The doily I did for a friend for her birthday and the chapstick cozy was just because. The bag and wallet I am working on are for my sister. No pattern, just making it up as I go. I'm using Bernat Mosaic's Strange Magic. The fabric I had from Hobby Lobby, from the scraps that they sell from the end of the bolts. I had to pull out my sewing machine to do the linings. I think I want to get more into sewing but we'll see how that works out. It may or may not happen but I was pretty impressed with myself on these. :o) Specially for not knowing diddly about sewing.


Sorry for the sideways pics. I don't know why this is happening. I'm using FireFox because IE apparently was the culprit for having to use html. I can't use Chrome....not allowed here. :( May your hump in your day get you through it easily and with a smile on your face. :)


Monday, February 10, 2014

Long Time No Post

Well, I haven't been here in a long time. And of course the first thing I see is my post on Leo. How fitting since Jeff's birthday is only days away......the 16th. Sigh. I miss them both. Very much. Also, I'm having a problem with this blogger. It wouldn't let me compose so I'm doing it under html. What the heck?? So yes, long time no post. I miss you all terribly. I'm crocheting a little here and there. A lot more here recently. I went through a spell where I didn't do anything. I had totally lost all interese in crocheting. I kept looking at my very large stash wondering if it would ever come back. It has little by little. So maybe I will be back posting. Who knows. I hope this finds you all well. Here's hoping 2014 will be kind to us all. May the sun shine on your face and fill you with warmth and love! TTFN, Kat PS/I have 6 new additions to my family that I'll need to tell you about later. They put a smile on my face.