Samplings of My Work

Samplings of My Work


Thursday, May 8, 2014


I hope this finds you well. Me? Well I have been sick bad with a bad stomach virus going around. I haven't been that sick in I can't remember when. It was coming out multiple orifices (that's saying it nicely). At the same time even. :( It was gross. Sick I was.

Then yesterday I had 4 crowns done at one sitting. Talk about hurt. My mouth is very sore this morning. But I has new teefs! lol. I go in two weeks for the permanents. That makes the total number of crowns in a one month period 6. I had 2 done 3 weeks ago and got the permanents for those yesterday before starting on the other 4. Not cheap, and not fun.

Anyways, enough about me and on to the tada!  I was commissioned by one of my friends' husband to make this for his wife for Mother's Day. Glad I finished it in time. It is huge!  When I saw the pattern on FB and then shared it and then he saw it and wanted me to make it, I did not think it was as big as it is in real life. But it is what it is. Of course I had to add my own touches and put a liner in it, and then the handles are not as the pattern calls for. But all in all I like how it turned out. I just hope she does too. You can find the pattern for this at this location. You might see something else in this shop that you like. :o)

A couple of my owls turned out straight up, like they should. The rest did not and I could not figure out what I did wrong because I followed it each time for each one, specially after I saw the first crooked one done. I dunno. But I'd actually like to try to make one on a much smaller scale in the future. We'll see. :o)

It's actually big enough to carry a laptop computer in it. I told you, it's huge!

Ok, here we go again with the sideways pics. I just don't understand why this is happening. Can anyone explain it to me and tell me what I need to do to fix this? :o(

So I'm guessing the next set of pics will be the same way. I'm sorry............this sux.

Today my next project should be showing up at the recipient's door. He is a birthday present for a special guy in my life, my girlfriend's husband. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I just go with it. I guess those are the best projects as far as I'm concerned.

This project has no pattern whatsoever, just what came out of my head through my hands.  Meet Edward Big Hands!

This is crazy! I hate it. Hope you don't get a crick in your neck. :(

Lastly, I have been commissioned also by an acquaintance to crochet some rocks. She bought the rocks, #3 thread and also 2 Bates hooks (which I didn't use because I prefer Boye hooks). I have finished 2 of 4.

So that's pretty much all I have been up to lately. Besides work that is. I have been on pins and needles because it's pretty much a for sure thing that my office will be closing by June of next year. Where that leaves me I don't know. I don't know if I will be losing my job or have to relocate. They are supposed to let us know our fate around the end of summer, beginning of fall. Being the person I am I have already figured out Plans A, B, C & D. So I'm trying to prepare for which ever one it will be. Life is never dull.

May the ray of sunshine shining down on you fill you with the knowledge and peace you will need to navigate today.


Edited to add: I think I've figured out why the pics are doing the sideways thing. I googled it and what I found was that there is a setting on my phone for auto rotate. Blogger does not recognize the code for this. So I turned it off and hopefully that fixes it! I wish I still had the tote and Edward Big Hands so I could retake those pics but oh well. Yeehaw!


paula said...

I Lost You ! ! ! ! ! !

I thought that, perhaps, you had quit blogging, then, I realized, your blog had disappeared from my list.

But, now, YOU ARE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vikki Hooks said...

so glad you found me again!!! hope all has been well with you

Bee Lady said...

Hey so good to hear from you! And what about our weather? I need to prepare! Glad to see you are crocheting again. You are really good at it. Love the big bag! And Mr Big pattern! GURL!!! Ouch about the crowns but this post was a while ago I see so hopefully you are well with body and mouth. You take care and glad to hear from you.

Cindy Bee

Vikki Hooks said... haven't heard from you for so long. Yep moving again..back to evansville indiana..the kids no longer live around here and everything I do is evansville..I will tell you I was happy to hear from you..please don't be a stranger..and I will have to find a way to get you back on my list...hugs