Samplings of My Work

Samplings of My Work


Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Spring has not exactly sprung yet. I thought it was well on it’s way but we have a prediction of 30’s for two more nights this week.  What’s up with that? This is the south for Pete’s sake. (Who is Pete anyways??) (And I’ve already put my plants out!!!)  :o(  Although the pollen has been bad the last couple of weeks, hopefully with the rain that’s expected this coming weekend it will be the end of the tree pollen. But I’m betting not. I’m tired of my car being covered in that fine greenish/yellow dust.

I have been crocheting a little bit. I’m actually ahead of schedule on a couple of birthday projects and behind on a baby project. The below E is a birthday project for my son. It’s just a simple table mat. I charted it out in no time, then wrote out the line instructions and to crochet it was real quick and easy. And I discovered this morning that I must have accidentally thrown away the line instructions. :o( They weren’t with the chart this morning and I know I had them together yesterday. I used Peaches and Creme cotton yarn and an I hook. The finished dimensions with one round of sc all the way around on it are 13 inches across by 10.5 inches down. Guys are so hard to make anything yarny for besides afghans and such so I thought this would be something different.


Along the same line I made two smaller table mats, if you will. I happened across the chart in my internet travels. I also wrote out the line instructions on this as well because it was easier to write it down and follow than to look at the chart and try to remember how many stitches of each color to crochet in the next row, and what row I was on. Plus it’s too easy to get lost for me. With the written rows I can crochet them then mark them off on my paper and I know exactly where I am quickly.

The yellow and black was the first one I crocheted. It’s a birthday present for a friend of mine’s husband in FL.  I hooked it with an F hook. Of course it’s smaller than the E mat above. I don’t have the dimensions with me. I’m thinking roughly 9x7 but I could be wrong. I loved it so much that I immediately made a larger one in green and purple with a G hook. I included the chart with where I found it. If you look at the chart though, you’ll notice that it’s off on the left side. I just added 3 blocks to make it even and center. :o)  I will definitely be making more of these. And more than likely with a bigger hook to make the mat bigger. On each of these, the ball I used to make the skull was the ball that I used the less yarn on. That’s with carrying the yarn on each line under the green. So I was thinking that I might be able to reverse the colors and get two mats out of two balls of color. I haven’t tried it, but I’m wondering if that would work.

skulls n crossbones in two colors

skull n crossbones chart

Did you notice the chair that the skull mats are sitting on? I am going to cover it in crochet. It’s slow going. I only have one bar on the chair done,  you can see it in the pic. I have a piece almost done for the bar on the bottom side of the chair. It’s weird because it’s real easy to make too long the piece that you think is going to fit, so that it doesn’t fit. That’s why it’s going on the bottom side bar, because I started the row thinking it would fit the bar just below the one that’s finished and after 5 rows it was too long to fit there. I almost frogged it, but found that it fit the side bottom bar perfect. I can’t wait until the whole chair is done. This is a do-in-between kind of project that I can work on a little at a time when I get bored with the other works in progress that I have. It will be a ‘chair of many colors’. Random leftover yarns will be used to cover it. I’ve had this chair for many years, don’t even remember when or where I got it. I do know that when my daughter was in 1st or 2nd grade she wrote on it that she loved a boy named Michael. You can still barely see it on the back of the chair. The chair is all wooden.

I won something! From Crochet Today! It’s a stitch light. This little thing is handy dandy. It’s a powerful light that you can wear, turn on, and if you’re old like me and your eyes are getting bad, even with glasses on, you can see your stitches. Now I can use more black yarn and be able to see where my stitches are.  The strap on it is adjustable, and see that little pouch like thing on there?  It sits behind the light and has a zipper on it. They also sent me two yarn needles in this bag. You can put stitch markers or yarn needles or whatever your little ol’ heart desires, in it.  How awesome that I won this?! I’m not very lucky at winning things but I managed to luck out on this. :o) I like it. Do you know what else you can use it for? When the electric goes out. You can wear it and have full use of both hands. The light is very powerful. I was amazed at how powerful it is. Thank you Crochet Today!, I love it!

stitch light

I also have written down a pattern for a shower gel holder (Bath and Body Works shower gel) made with cotton yarn, except I haven’t tested it but part way into the second one I’m making.  I like this. It holds the gel and when you need to use it you just tip it over, squirt your gel and the bottle stays in the holder. It also gives you more room on your shower caddy. It’s simple. I just need to get my rear in gear and finish the second one so that I can be sure the pattern is right before I post it. The pattern fits the B&BW shower gel bottle but when you run out of that you can fill the bottle with other shower gel if you wanted to and re-use it. I just had too many on the shower caddy so I needed room.  I have 4 different brands of shower soap/gel in there. (I know, I’m weird…….I’m like that with my shampoo and conditioner too. I don’t use the same brand day after day. Just can’t. I have that one, two different Caress and a different smell of B&BW)

shower gel holder

I also have been working on some hats to donate for the BG’s. I would show them to you but I’m doing them exclusively for them for the runs for door prizes. They have skulls on them. :o) And of course I’m still fitting in hats for the doc’s Christmas order. I have the order half done. :o) I have a couple of other crochet ideas swirling around in my head. I hope they come to fruition. Sometimes what you think doesn’t always come out to the hands. At least not me. I can see something in my mind and try to recreate it through my hands and for some reason it just doesn’t work. But I’ve got plenty to keep me busy so I don’t worry about it too much. And then things like the shower gel holder just all of a sudden pop out. It all works out in the wash. :o)

Happy Spring! Where ever you may be I hope your flowers are starting to bloom and bring forth some color and joy to you!



Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Kat!!! sounds like you are moving the hook again. Glad to hear it. I have to agree it is cold for the first day of spring. When we set the clocks ahead I thought I would have more daylight..well it is so freaking gray it doesn't matter. I think we are running like 10-15 degrees below normal. I don't think they know what normal is..last year was very warm..I only remember because I was moving. For me it has been a long winter..ready for some sunshine and a little more warmth..Blessings

Mindy said...

Look at you go! You've been busy! I just love that shower gel holder idea. The caddy always seems to run out of space--you're brilliant!
Have a great week!

paula said...

Congratulation, you winner you :)

LOVE the Shower Gel holder . . . .that would some in real handy!