Samplings of My Work

Samplings of My Work


Monday, October 15, 2012

New Day, New Blog


It's been over a week since my last precious boy left me for Rainbow Bridge. I miss him so much. I've been trying to create a life without babies and it's been so weird. I've had babies since 1996 and it will be quite a while before I have any more babies.  I have to tell you that I am still trying to deal with it. My hardest times are morning, evening, going to bed, being in the kitchen, crocheting, leaving home and coming home. I didn't want to be home, but I didn't want to be anywhere else. It all has to do with our routines. Now I have to make new routines. For me. And one thing that still reminds me but I can't do anything about it right now because I just don't want to. Remember I told you a while back that Leo wasn't drinking the whole day I was gone to work? Welllllllll.......what a little booger he was. I discovered one Saturday that he had his own little drinking fountain that he didn't tell me about. I had gone to the store and come home and he was at the fence with his head down. He never heard me or saw me coming. I wondered, what the heck is he doing? So I park, get out of the car and look through the fence and lo and behold, the hose has a hole in it and it's spouting out like a little fountain for him and he's happily lapping it up. I didn't noticed it before and don't know how long it was there for him to use. (Shows how observant I am sometimes huh?)  And never saw him there drinking from it until then. It's a pin hole but big enough that it spouted enough water for him to drink. I can't fix it. Every time I walk by it I think of him. I just can't fix it right now. I'm getting ready to turn the water off for the winter and coil up the hose so I will fix it in the spring.

I had all week to think about what I wanted to do with the blog. I seriously considered not blogging anymore, but I have made some very valued 'bloggy' friends here, who are very special to me. Although my life has been busy lately I still manage to check in with a lot of my blogging buddies and post every so often to try to stay in the loop. I hope if you followed me before on Hookin' It, that you will follow me here. If not, that's ok too. We all have our lives and things change. If there's one thing you can count on in life, it's change.

This blog will be a lot like the old one, just that the characters have changed.  Mr. Lick Lick is gone and I am just me now. I appreciate all of the comments on my last post on Hookin' It, I love you all. You are such caring and compassionate people and I find that I need you in my life, even though it's in the bloggy world. Most of you have gone down the same path so you can relate.  And the support I get from people I've never met in real life is awesome!
So, my week off, from work and the world, basically was a very busy one. I made myself stay busy. I worked both inside and outside the house. I got rid of a lot of stuff. And shifted stuff. And burned stuff in my burn barrell, you know, like old bills and bank statements, stuff like that. The quietness of where I live was what I needed so bad. Only the birds, owls, airplanes and the usual country sounds. The weather was gorgeous all week. I haven't had my a/c on in two weeks now and don't intend to turn it back on. Heat will be the next order of business.

Matter of fact I wanted to change out the filter in my a/c unit and when I opened it up yesterday the filter had collapsed. I tried to save a few bucks and look what it got me. So I had to run to the store and bought a 3M 3 month filter that I know won't collapse.

I told you last that I was heading out on the bike. I wanted to head to the mountains to see the foliage but the first two days were rain. I don't mind riding in the rain if I'm out and it comes up. But if I know it's coming, and I'm going to be somewhere where I don't know the roads then no, I'm not. I did ride my bike some while off. The two cloud pictures below I took on the first Sunday afternoon on my way home from being out and about. I saw it and was wowed by it. Of course the pictures don't do it justice. But I realized I had a slim chance of getting it because the sun was going down. So after I initially saw it I didn't have another chance to stop to snap a pic of it for about 4 miles. Then I took these. See the quick difference in them? After taking these I went down the road 2 miles and the sun was gone down and the cloud was gray.

I don't normally cook for myself, it's only me after all. But I happened to find this recipe on the back of the garbanzo bean can and OMG. I love it. I made it twice. I ate the first batch and decided to make another to bring to work for lunches. It's easy peasy! Add some buttered bread or corn bread and voila! It's quick too.

1 lb. ground italian sausage
onion - I used the dried onion flakes, bunches :o)
1/2 green bell pepper cut up into small pieces(wasn't in the orignal recipe...I added them in)
1 can Bush garbanzo beans (or chic peas)
1 can diced tomatoes

Cook the sausage up with the onion and bell pepper. Drain if you prefer. I didn't have much grease in mine so I left it in the pan. Drain and rinse the garbanzo's and add to the sausage mix. Add the can of diced tomatoes and a half a can of water. Cook until heated and serve! I let mine sit on the stove for a while on 3 and cook.  You could probably add a little more water for a more soupy like mixture. Either way it is AWESOME! :o)

Ok. I've been jawing too long. Just wanted to let you know I'm back with a different name. My boy is gone so it's only fitting that I let the blog go too and start anew. I didn't delete it so that I can go back for visits and to try to get all of the blogs I read over here. What a chore that's going to be!

So.......I hope this finds you well, happy and loved. May your tomorrow be better than today.



Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Please add the follow box so I can follow your new blog. :)

So glad to see your blogging know I am sending you hugs and prayers my friend.

Blessings to you always :)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

ok, never mind about the follow box, I figured out how to add you to my Goggle Reader. :)

Blessings alway my dear friend. ((hugs))

Debi Y. said...

Good to see you back in the blog world. Love the tattoo - it looks great. :)

glor said...

Kat, keeping you in thought and prayer. Looking forward to visiting here. Take care, blessings to you.

mary i said...

Glad you are back. Love the tat. will bookmark this until you get follow box.Hugs from 'Bama..

Vikki Hooks said...

Ok I would love to follow you but there is no box..guess I could do the email thingy for now..until you get the box up. Looking foward to seeing some more of your stuff. Glad you are back. Blessings

Bee Lady said...

Well i certainly know how you feel. We lost Winston on Friday. I'm heartbroken. He got hit by a truck while my parents were watching the dogs. They feel horrible about it. Just popping in to see how you were doing.

Cindy Bee

mary i said...

Just found your suscribe box.I am on your list and also a follower.Looking forward to future posts.Love your background.

Lana said...

Kat, I'm trying to catch up since my daughter's wedding. I'm still so sad over your loss. I am so damn attached to my dogs that I go into mourning when I lose them. Just yesterday, I got out of the shower and still thought my old Cinnamon was going to run over to my wet feet, our little chihuahua who lived about 16 years. She died about three years ago, but's like I can still feel her presence because she was a part of our lives for so long. Anyway, the pictures are gorgeous. I'm glad you are sharing. The tattoo is beautiful. Your baby will always be with you.

Sending you a big hug!


paula said...

How did I miss your posting that you were here now and not there?

Every time I went to my blog list I would wonder where you have been, and meant to email you, but, alas, you now know I didn't do it.

Guess this is the beginning of newness for both of us . . I started a new blog yesterday. I have outgrown the URL of my old one, but, if you go there, it tells you how to find the new one :)

Your tatoo is special :)