Samplings of My Work

Samplings of My Work


Friday, January 11, 2013


Is that even a word? Oh well if it's not, I'm using it. :o)  Well, I downloaded and installed Google Chrome and guess what? It now works. As you can see I've added pics to my post.

I am kind of at odds with myself and my crocheting. It's a weird feeling - I want to crochet, but I don't know what to crochet. And if you've been following me or know me, you know that I like little projects. The quick gratification is what I like.

So I have one project that I started last night and it'll be quick and easy. A friend of mine in FL saw a baby hat that I had done and she fell in love with it and wanted one herself. It was the brown and green owl hat. Her birthday is next month so I thought I would make her one in her favorite colors, pink and purple. And one of my sister's birthday is next month, I just don't know what to make for her. I guess it will come to me, I just hope sooner rather than later. I hate waiting until the last minute to crochet something and have to be rushed to get it done and sent out.

You may remember one of the dolls I made a while back. She has kind of a weird face. I made her for a certain little girl. The mother asked if I could make her one so I said sure. I've known the mother since she was a little girl, she went to school with my son and is the niece of a friend of mine. Well, after I made the doll I attempted 4 times to get an address to send it to her and no answer. I called and left a message, I texted, and left a message through FB twice. She (the doll) has been in one of my see through totes for a while now just staring at me, wondering when she will be able to get out. lol. So I decided that this baby needs a home. I'm sending her to someone that has been kind to me. It's only fair that I return the favor. And it's with love that I do this. So she is gone. I know the home she is going to will love her.

The next three below are what I made for Bella for her birthday. The little bag is just a bag for her to put whatever her little heart desires into it. The color is off in the pic but it's a pale yellow with two blues. And the tooth fairy pillow pattern came out of my Crochet Today mag. I was a little disappointed because the pocket on the back didn't turn out in the center like it showed in the pattern pictures. And I double counted my stitches too. I posted a pic on the Crochet Today FB page. It'll be ok though, I don't think Bella will notice that it's not in the center. :o)

The next bag is one I made for myself for my phone. I used leftover Psychedelic Mosaic yarn that I made Jen's pillow with. I so love these colors.

And lastly is a dump cake I made last week. This dump cake has maraschino cherries, crushed pineapple and mandarin oranges. And instead of melting the butter to drizzle on top I put pats of butter on top of the cake mix and it turned out better. There were no dry patches of cake mix. 

It's Friday, thankfully. This week has just drug on for me. I've been sick for 2 weeks, today starts week 3 and my head is still clogged up a lot. I'm ready for it to be gone. So many people are sick right now. I'm glad mine is almost over. 

May your weekend be filled with love and warmth. Remember to tell those you love how you feel. Life is short. 



Debi Y. said...

Hi Kat. Bella will love her gifts from you - the tooth fairy pillow is so cute. I like your phone bag too. I hope you feel better soon. :)

paula said...

Great minds . . I have had the idea of a Tooth Fairy that I want to make for the three greats . . so I have been looking for fairies or angels that I could use.

You read Beverooni's blog . . maybe you and I need to join the "mood scarf" group on Ravelry and crochet that. Sounds interesting, and, maybe, it would help you feel the mood come back.

Vikki Hooks said...

Good have been busy. Hopefully you will start to feel better really soon. Blessings

CrochetGeekGirl said...

Thanks Debi! Bella loved her gifts. :o)

CrochetGeekGirl said...

Yeah I have been in this 'mood' since Leo. It seems to be better but Not what it was before.

CrochetGeekGirl said...

Thanks Vikki! I keep hoping I will wake up one day and my motivation will be like it was. Just taking it one day at a time. Xo

Anonymous said...

I found you!!!!! If Pam hadn't posted about receiving that cute little doll, I'd have lost you forever. :-(

glor said...

Hmmmm, have to look into Google Chrome. Thanks for mentioning. Your sweet little doll is adorable and saw where she was recevied and so very much loved. What a lovely thing to do. We've got the same bug here, going on 4 weeks. Gonna be a long sick season I think. Hope you're feeling better soon too.

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

Hi Bev! I haven't really been around for a while. No motivation and trying to heal over letting Leo go. I got into a deep black hole but I am slowly climbing my way back out. I'm glad you didn't lose me! :o)

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

Thanks Glor! I hate being sick but now that I'm toward the end of it I'm happy to have it behind me. This one hit me pretty hard.

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

Hi Bev! I haven't really been around for a while. No motivation and trying to heal over letting Leo go. I got into a deep black hole but I am slowly climbing my way back out. I'm glad you didn't lose me! :o)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I finally figured out this was you! I am so dense sometimes! I have missed your post so much and am so glad you are back to crocheting and blogging. Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog about my Mama. I think all of us who have lost our Mother's have a special bond because we all know the heart ache that never leaves. :)

I love your sweet little doll and so glad she found a home where she could be loved and enjoyed. :) Love the purses and all the other things you made, too.

I am gonna try to teach myself how to do Tunisian Cables this year...and there is suppose to be a TAL coming along soon for a baby blanket. So you might want to jump and learn along with me, too?

I'll add you to my prayer list so you can get well (and if it doesn't start to get better soon, please go to the doctor).

Sending you hugs and blessings and prayers my dear friend. :)