Samplings of My Work

Samplings of My Work


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Second Attempt

Ok, this is my second attempt at creating a post. What is up with blogger? I tried to include pics in my last post and it got hung up. :o(

Anyways I guess I will try to put the pics in first and then write.

Well, I guess I won't. No matter what I do it won't let me insert pics. Copy and paste isn't working either. Is anyone else having problems this morning?

I hope your day starts off better than mine!



Debi Y. said...

Hi Kat. I haven't tried to post today, but I was able to yesterday. Hope it gets worked out for you. :)

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

Thanks Debi! I guess I'll try again later to see if it works. The browse button doesn't come up when I go to insert a pic. I tried to see if I was out of space but couldn't find where that is.

Vikki Hooks said...

I had a problem with another site problems here, but I haven't posted in over a week.

Mike said...

I remember reading, not so long ago, Blogger was going to be incompatible with some search engines. IE might have been one. I switched to Google Chrome and haven't had any probs, so far. Not sure if that's your deal. Blogger does tend to go through stages of aggravation.

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

I still can't add pics. :o( Maybe it is that I need to do Google Chrome.